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"Opening Doors of High Sense Perception"
Meet me in the Magical Red Rocks of Sedona for a Medical Intuitive Seminar!
November 3-5, 2017
Friday-Sunday 8:30am to 5:00 pm
$595 Includes Training Manual
$495 Registered/Prepaid by Oct 1, 2017

Connect with others in a safe environment to learn simple Medical Intuitive techniques to open your Soul's gifts to perceive your auras, chakras and anatomy with our Soul's Eyes, Ears, Hands, Noses and Tongues under a nurturing full moon in Taurus.
In 3 days, learn to see your anatomy, hear your inner voice, feel to the depths of your cells, taste the unknown, smell beyond the limits of reality and change your life from mundane to magical evolving into a Universal Light Being!
Join us to accelerate your Divine High Sense Perception.

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PO Box 413 Sedona Arizona 86339

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